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Yeast Extract

Yeast Extract
Product Detailed

Yeast Extract

Yeast Extract is also called Yeast Monosodium Glutamate, Nutrient Flavor. It takes yeast as raw materials to product the nutrient flavor with biological technology. Yeast extract using chitosan derived from natural substances thereby to accelerate autolysis of yeast without the unwanted problems of organic solvents. It contains many kinds of Amino acids, peptides (enrich glutathione), nucleotides flavor, non-cholesterol and saturated fatty acids, microelement and vitamin B.




1. Yeast Extracts not only widely used in the field of food seasonings, which can be applied to healthfoods and medicines. At present in the food industry, yeast extracts has been widely used in food additives, condiments, flavor, convenience foods, inflated food, meat, aquatic products, beverages and other aspects.

2.Yeast Extracts the nutritional element it contains is the high quality nutrition source of microbial fermentation. As microbial culture medium, yeast extract (paste and powder) is popular with biological fermentation enterprises.


Main Types and Specifications



Reference Dosage

1.health-care food 0.2%~5%(percentage to the quality)

2.Cooked meet food 0.05%~0.4%(percentage to the quality)

3.Seafood  0.1%~0.3%(percentage to the quality) 

4.Preserved food  0.02%~0.5%(percentage to the quality)

5.Instant food  0.1%~0.5%(percentage to the quality)

6.Fruit/vegetable drinks and cakes  0.02%~0.08%(percentage to the quality)



Package and Storage

1,5,10, 25 kg/bag, drum. Shelf life is 1 year. Put in dry and cold place, unused packaging should be picked and used up as soon as possible.


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